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Photography is for me a means of showing my view on fragments of this wonderful world 

and to capture people's soul and heart in portraits.

I consider photographic equipment and techniques as a toolset for the creativity of the artist and enjoy working with digital as well as with analogue. 

In recent times I discovered that using historic techniques do give me a wealth of extra possibilities  to create unique and personal work. Although using these techniques demands skills (and even expertise on chemistry !) and a lot of patience, the uniqueness of each print makes everything especially worthwhile.  

I present each work as a print (this site being an exception) and pay attention to the archival presentation of these prints (mostly up to museum quality) with help of  Atelier Marleen.

I'm also a passionate member of Picto Benelux - .


1973: First pictures at age of 13 with Nikkormat FTN which I borrowed from my grandfather.

1990: Degree in Photographic arts at "De Meiboom" Halle 

from 24x36 to 6x6 and finally 4x5 inch  with use of the Zone System - later also 8x10 inch

2003: first exhibition - "Images of Silence" at Halle - with Johan Dehantschutter (70 landscapes from the nature site "Les Hautes fagnes")

2008: first solo-exhibition "Gooikse Pareltjes" at Gooik (36 landscapes from Gooik) 

2009: solo-exhibition "Dei van d'" at Gooik (36 landscapes of the Kesterheide and 37 portrets of inhabitants)

2010-2014: transition for some work to a mixture of analogue and digital (scanning of analogue negatives) and full digital when appropriate.

since 2017:  personal creative work with help of vintage techniques (silverprints, cyanotypes, kallitypes, platinium/palladium prints, gum bichromates) and collodion.

Rudy Boon

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